Videos from Hurdalsjøen Recoverysenter

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Arrangements on the occasion of a visit from Robert Whitaker October 3rd 2019

  1. Ole Andreas Underland: Future Plans for the development of Hurdalsjøen Recoverysenter.
  2. Architects, Ola Roald and Else Marie Five Melvær:  A presentation of ideas for New buildings.
  3. Christer Watz, Physical therapist: Physical activity as an important part of our treatment program.
  4. Robert Whitaker, Mad in America: What Is Our Mission.
  5. Ole Andreas Underland: Surprise – Trees of contemplation. 

    As a start on a new hospital building, three trees were planted: Trees of contemplation
    1) Grete Johnsen
    2) Jan-Magne Tordenhjerte Sørensen
    3) Robert Whitaker
    Video from the planting of the trees of contemplation: